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Recipe Cards on Parade: Curried Fish in Rice Ring

Curried fish. Mull it over for awhile. I’m not talking your fancy Thai curries. No. I mean powdered curry from your mom’s pantry mixed into a thin white sauce and poured over boiled whitefish. But it is still lacking a … Continue reading

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Plastic Lunchmeat

I have a confession to make. I LOVE plastic food. It’s one of my favorite reasons for wandering around Little Tokyo. I found of from one restaurant that they have their plastic food custom-made to look exactly like their real … Continue reading

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Sneaky Reindeer

Look at how cleverly Lindt made “reindeer” for Christmas. It doesn’t look anything like an Easter bunny. Not at all. You would never guess these reindeer came out of the bunny mold. I wonder how they are going to cram … Continue reading

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The Most Unappetizing Food Ever

I devote an inordinate amount of time to trying to make food look appetizing. I photograph a plate carefully, sometimes taking 20 pictures of a sandwich. But every now and then I just have to mess with your heads. Consider … Continue reading

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Recipe Cards on Parade: Holiday Leftovers

Who but Betty Crocker would have the balls to outright call a recipe “leftovers”? And give it its very own card, even. This little gem gets rid of all that leftover turkey, as well as frozen broccoli, processed American cheese, … Continue reading

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Recipe Cards on Parade: Frozen Salads

Yum! Don’t the words frozen and salad together in one dish make your mouth water? Aren’t you tempted to just jump right into the computer screen? This recipe is a sweet one! Let’s see, cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, salt, … Continue reading

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