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Nostalgia for Abuse: A Rant

Photo thanks to JM3 via Flickr The other night I went to the new Nobu, and it seems like I can’t tell anyone that without them becoming maudlin and pouting, “Ohhh, L’Orangerie.” Poor L’orangerie, that used to occupy the space. … Continue reading

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Krust: Kranky, Kantankerous and Krude

Written with Lindsay Williams-Ross We consider our restaurant reviews to be recommendations, not critiques. We only slam a place when our hand is forced. There are just some people who should not go into any industry where dealing with the … Continue reading

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I just got back from Sebastian’s in Burbank, the latest restaurant to be crucified by Gordon Ramsey, get buried, and come out all shiny and new on Kitchen Nightmares. When I walked into the dining room I was absolutely giddy, … Continue reading

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