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Forget Peking Duck – Get a Whole Peking Turkey!

The United States is often described as a melting pot, and Thanksgiving is representative of our diversity. We have Southwestern turkeys, Cajun deep-fried turkey and turkey mole with chorizo stuffing. This year, Chinatown is all over Thanksgiving. Restaurants are offering … Continue reading

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When is Panda Express not Panda Express?

I wandered into a Chinese place in Pasadena called Chinese Express a few weeks ago for a quick lunch. What I found was an eerie semblance of a Panda Express. Even down to the colors of the uniforms. Mushroom Chicken … Continue reading

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Vancouver: Obey Jonathan Gold at any Cost

Whenever I visit an aquarium they always have a gigantic King Crab. Part of me is standing there thinking about the wonders of nature, and part of me is thinking, “If not for these guards, buddy, it would be you, … Continue reading

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I Can’t Feel My Face: Chung King

Sometimes, while out wandering in the bars and clubs of Los Angeles, you might hear rumors about a Chinese restaurant whose food makes your face go numb. You might eavesdrop on whispered conversations about a secret chicken dish that makes … Continue reading

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